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     Mallboro is the world's largest (and only) shopping mall. Entrepreneurs from several different worlds have conferred with businessman NORG to create one central location of the greatest shops the world has ever seen to bring in the most profit. While each of their businesses are in nearly direct competition, they have decided that bringing an abundance of goods, diverse or not, will bring consumers to them instead of searching for a profitable location to set up shop. Because their businesses are all generally the same, focusing mostly on clothing, shoes, make-up, and furniture, they have agreed to allow other businesspeople to take smaller stores in the mall as well to hopefully bring in an otherwise diverse market. However, to prevent these small businesses from overpowering their own business, they have decided to fund NORG with a large portion of their profits to have his Garden Faculty Members (GFM) patrolling the mall to ensure that the small businesses are profitable enough to attract attention, but not enough to distract attention from the department stores.

     The founders of Mallboro and owners of the mall's largest enterprises have formed a Board of Trustees to ensure that none of them, particularly NORG, cannot gain total power over the mall, while also ensuring that nobody else can rise to their level of power. The members of the board are: Stiltzkin (owner of Stiltz), Tonberry King (owner of GF Tonberry), O'aka XXIII (owner of O'aka's), Rin (owner of Sphere Theater), and the Six Moogle Siblings, who share equal rights to their store, Hurdy's. As a measure put in to ensure that businesspeople would not feel powerless, NORG appointed a representative to the board as a symbolic gesture of equality, though the member appointed was a lowly moomba named Shoe, who generally answers directly to NORG.

Mallboro President NORG
Board of Trustees Stiltzkin, Tonberry King, O'aka XXIII, Rin, Six Moogle Siblings (Hurdy, Gurdy, Montblanc, Sorbet, Horne, Nono), Shoe


       In Calamity, inventors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs are the heroes of the land. Calamity is a city composed almost entirely of the scraps and leavings of other cities, creatively cobbled together to form working engines, trains, and whatever other technologies the residents require, all powered by the steam formed by the city’s Fire Crystal. To keep from interfering with the enterprising spirit of the city, the central government of Calamity (currently headed by Mayor Domino) has willingly pared itself back to become essentially useless, trusting in the strength of Calamity’s numerous independent corporations to invest in Calamity’s future. With such lax government oversight, a shrewd person can quickly earn a fortune in Calamity and be lauded as a genius for doing so, for the residents value nothing as much as they value money and material possessions.

     The accumulation of wealth is the noblest of pursuits in Calamity, and those without wealth are automatically assumed to be weak, stupid, or lazy and treated with the greatest scorn. This prejudice has formed a massive gap between the rich and the poor, with the two groups rarely interacting. Calamity’s less fortunate receive no pity from either the government—which completely lacks a welfare system—or the city’s police force, CalCorps. While CalCorps is technically owned and operated by the government, the vast majority of the soldiers have been bought out by corporations willing to pay extra in exchange for personal security. As such, CalCorps is essentially an organization of corporate mercenaries who hold loyalty only to the highest bidder and protect only the interests of the market. Because the poor are not profitable, they are relegated to lawless slums and forgotten, while the elite enjoy the careful guard of extravagantly paid CalCorps soldiers.

     In these slums, two gangs have gained significant influence: the Choques, chocobo-themed thieves who pride themselves in stealing from the rich and giving to no one, and the Moogs, moogle-themed thugs who enjoy open and violent war with CalCorps and the Choques. There seems to be no ultimate goal for either gang; instead both sides seem to exist only to vent the frustration of the lower class youth and disrupt the privileged lives of the elite.

Crystal Fire Crystal
Government Capitalist
Leader Mayor Domino
Primary Power Source Steam
Primary Transportation Steam trains and automobiles
Police Force CalCorps (largely corrupt and working for large corporations for financial purposes)
Similar Societies Vector and the Magitek Facility, Midgar, and Lindblum


       Prosperity was founded on the virtues of selflessness and sacrifice. Exemplifying these ideals is the current ruler of Prosperity, Queen Sara, who makes tireless efforts to relate with her subjects on an almost equal level and ensure that all their needs are met, even at great personal cost to herself. An individual’s suffering is seen as a failure of the masses, and all are encouraged to give freely to their neighbors to ensure stability, harmony, and happiness in the city. Prosperity claims to be free of the poverty, class warfare, and conflict that plagues other cities. Honor is the greatest currency in Prosperity; even the few bands of thieves and bandits in the city have a sense of honor and dignity about them, perceiving themselves as noble gentlemen who are working to maintain the power balance. Though romanticized, the thieves are still outlaws and hunted relentlessly by the Royal Guard, the order of dedicated knights who protect the city and the castle.

     The restrictive policies of the government have chased away the advances of technology and business. Not that the citizens mind; Prosperity has fully embraced its medieval society and has even gone as far as to shun most technologies as being unnecessary crutches that only serve to weaken a person’s body and mind. To keep from falling completely behind other cities, Prosperity has created a rudimentary form of technology, powered mostly by a combination of chocobos, manual labor, and magic that allows the citizens some basic internet access and a few amenities like running water and home heating. Chocobos have, in fact, become a staple of Prosperity’s society, used for transportation, technology, and companionship. This has led many to view Prosperity as the least advanced city, seeing as how it is neither as technologically advanced as Calamity or Nirvana, nor as magically adept as Augury.

     Prosperity was once home to the Water Crystal, but the citizens could never get it to stop freezing everything it came in contact with. Giving up entirely, Prosperity sent the crystal to what is now the Ice Den, opting to become the only major city without a crystal.

Crystal None
Government Socialist Monarchy
Leader Queen Sara
Primary Power Source Chocobo (simple machines powered by chocobos)
Primary Transportation Chocobos and chocobo-pulled carts
Police Force Royal Guard
Similar Societies Cornelia, Fynn, Saronia, Baron, and Alexandria


       The citizens of Augury resent when people refer to them as an anarchist society, though they technically have no government, no laws, and no official policing agency. Instead, harmony is achieved by the unwritten rule that residents and visitors may do as they please, so long as they do no harm to others or their property. Whenever this sacred rule is broken, justice is meted out by the citizens themselves, inflicting punishment that they deem to be equivalent in severity to the crime committed. In addition to personal liberty, the citizens of Augury also highly value magical skill, intelligence, and the natural world. Technology and brute physical strength are seen as unnatural and viewed with suspicion, as is anything that causes unnecessary harm to plants or animals. Thus the citizens of Augury are almost all mages, or at least in possession of magical artifacts. As there is no government, there are no amenities, and individual citizens are expected to provide for themselves in terms of food, shelter, and whatever else they may want. While this may seem to make Augury the most primitive and uninhabitable major city, a person adept in magic and creativity can live in opulence, if he or she has the skill required to make it happen. Even if one is not such a magical genius, the locals are often friendly enough and willing to help out their neighbors, once one has earned their trust.

     Long ago, Augury had a terrible problem with outsiders taking advantage of the city’s lack of a military or police. To counter this, the citizens of Augury have drawn upon the power of their Earth Crystal to create an illusion of a canyon maze that deters all but those who know the secret of entry. With their isolation has come deeper suspicion of outsiders, and newcomers find it harder and harder to gain the trust of the locals. Furthermore, Augury’s hidden entry, love of privacy, and lack of law has made it a safe haven for dark wizards and other disreputable magic abusers, who maintain a façade of peace and harmony, while secretly toiling away at evil machinations in their homes. Augury’s citizens insist that this scenario plays out very rarely, and they have their staggeringly low crime rate to prove it.

     While instances of magical crime are very low, instances of magical mischief run annoying high. Unsuspecting visitors can expect to be harassed by magical pranks, such as being turned to toads or being teleported across the city. Such pranks do not technically violate the city’s moral code and are viewed as harmless, with the citizens operating under the belief that one who lacks the magical skill to stop a simple frog spell probably does not belong in a magical city. Still, there exists an informal band of white mages who take pity on newcomers and work to undo the minor havoc caused by others.

Crystal Earth Crystal
Government None
Leader None
Primary Power Source Magic
Primary Transportation On foot and magical transportation
Police Force White Mages (volunteers)
Similar Societies Mysidia, Thamasa, and Black Mage Village


       Currently led by President Zaon, Nirvana is the largest and most technologically advanced city and, powered by Nirvana’s Wind Crystal, the only city that flies. Since the maintenance and continued operation of the Wind Crystal is a delicate and ever-necessary labor, the government has taken great pains to ensure that it is always performed flawlessly and protected from outside threats. The fear of Nirvana crashing to the ground has, over time, caused the people to vote for increasingly restrictive laws and conservative leaders, trusting in the government to protect the people. One of the greatest of Nirvana’s innovations is their Imperial Air Force, a seemingly endless army of flying drones that police the wide territory of Nirvana, effectively replacing the need for foot patrols and allowing the government to spend more time and resources on new inventions. These new technologies allow the citizens of Nirvana to live in machine-controlled luxury, and the government openly boasts that Nirvana is second to none in convenience, security, and comfort.

     To protect the Wind Crystal and their technological secrets, Nirvana strictly enforces a long list of laws that ensure that no private business in Nirvana can ever hope to reach the power of the main government. The need for secrecy has turned the government into a sprawling and nearly unintelligible tangle of bureaucracy that few fully understand. Also, while the IAF is an impressive and formidable force, the drones are predictable, which has allowed a thriving black market to fester in the heart of Nirvana. The city’s tech secrets sell for a fortune in these clandestine markets. In an effort to clamp down on this illicit trade, Nirvana has ramped up their security to the point of nearly turning the whole city into a police-state, with checkpoints stationed throughout the city, especially in the public air cabs that bring people to and from the surface. The government assures its citizens that this security is necessary for the protection of Nirvana, and most citizens are not bothered by these intrusions.

     Despite these assurances, several watchdog groups have sprung up around the city to keep the government in check. By all accounts, Nirvana has yet to fully turn into a police-state, but the rapidly diminishing personal freedoms and the government’s mantra of “those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear” has left many worried about Nirvana’s future.

Crystal Wind Crystal
Government Democracy
Leader President Zaon
Primary Power Source Wind and electrical generators
Primary Transportation Personal vehicles and air cab
Police Force IAF (Imperial Airforce)
Similar Societies Esthar, Zanarkand, Palompolum, and Eden



The Chocobo Stables is nestled in a small forest on the southernmost part of the continent. Here, people can store their chocobos to be cared for by Choco Billy and his Choco Crew. Many chocobos roam the continent and several of the wild chocobos will stay in the forest surrounding the stables. Chocobos of any color can be rented here, but they are not for sale. Along with storing your chocobos, the Chocobo Stables team will also help you breed them if that is something you need.


The Sealed Ruins is the location of Chaos and Cosmos. They were sealed here by the Dark Crystals to keep them from interacting with the rest of the world and causing problems, but their presence is required in order for the realm to remain intact. It has since become a tourist trap where people can take pictures of the ruins and learn the history of the old worlds, but there are guards preventing anybody from entering the ruins or being too close to the Dark Crystals.


The Ice Den is where the Water Crystal is located. The people of Prosperity formerly owned this crystal, but they saw that the icy powers of the crystal were destroying their town's resources. They relocated the Water Crystal to a cave in the north, which gradually froze over and has since become known as the Ice Den. Nothing else is known of this location due to the dangerously chilling temperatures.


The Crystal Tower is an important hub for anybody visiting the Chaos Realm. There are portals to the different worlds spread throughout the desert, so when entering or exiting the Chaos Realm, people must wander through this vast desert and can often get lost. The Crystal Tower was built to be a landmark visible from anywhere in the desert so that travellers knew where to go. Once at the Crystal Tower, several merchants have set up shops to sell provisions such as water, food, and lodging, plus the most important provision: a bus that will take them to Mallboro and the rest of civilization.


Wal-Market is the world's cheapest (and sleeziest) business. This business, founded by Don Corneo, has begun to quickly spread throughout not only the Chaos World, but all worlds. These stores are popular for their low prices and exploitation of workers, plus their often risque advertisements. It is the greatest threat to all businesses in all worlds, particularly Mallboro. At least one Wal-Market has appeared in each of the four main cities of the Chaos Realm. This has caused many citizens to stop shopping so frequently at Mallboro to save money and time.