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The Premise
     Mallboro is a mall in a parallel universe where all the Final Fantasy worlds intersect. All of the Final Fantasy events have taken place, but unfortunately for our heroes, saving the world does not pay the bills. There is only one option left for heroes and villains alike: working at a shopping mall!


How to Play
1. Choose one or more Final Fantasy characters that have not already been taken.
2. Make an in-character LiveJournal account for each of them and send me those account names.
3. Sign-up in the forum so that players can keep in contact.
4. Write as the character in their livejournal as if they were keeping their own online journal.
Optional: The Communities, Getting a Job, Creating a Store, City Life, Mini-Games.


1. Choosing Characters

     Any character that has been in a Final Fantasy is eligible. This includes movies, numbered or un-numbered Final Fantasy games...basically anything you can think of that is Final Fantasy. Minor characters are allowed, but they have to be named characters at the very least. Made-up characters and self-inserts are not allowed. Also, avoid monsters, summons, etc. Rule of thumb: if they have at least a meaningful line or two in the game (and a name), they're likely allowed.

     Make sure the characters you intend to play are not already being played. To check this, just check the Players section. You can play as many characters as you'd like, but I recommend a low number (1-3) to start so that you do not become too overwhelmed.

     Keep in mind that all of the Final Fantasy events have taken place. The only exception is that massive doses of phoenix downs have been distributed afterwards, so all your favorite characters are alive once again. Yay!

"Huh, well I guess that means we get to kill them again"
-Evil Ted (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey)


2. Applying

     First, make an original livejournal account for your character(s). Do not share it with another community, and do not use your personal account. It's free, so just make a new journal.

     Once you've made your character(s), send me an application. I don't require any sample passages or anything, all I ask is that you have basic knowledge of your character(s) and the game(s) they come from so that you can play them well. Then send me an e-mail with the following format:

     Mallboro Application
     Your name (screen name, real name, just whatever you want us to call you)
     Character(s) you're going to play (and the livejournals you've created for them)

     Once I confirm your characters, I'll send you a confirmation e-mail to say the characters are yours and announce you on the community.


3. Forum
     On my main site, The Goat Pen, I created a forum for people to interact with each other. In this forum is a section titled Mallboro where the community is sometimes discussed. Please sign up for an account here so that you can read any site news and so other players can easily contact you and vice versa.


4. Playing
     Once you have been set up to play, the idea is very simple. Play as if you were this character living in this strange world that is apparently a compilation of all things Final Fantasy. You make journal posts and comment on others and that's about the extent of the required community. You can check NORG's Friends Page to see all entries, while Corneo's Friends Page will only show entries of those working at Wal-Market (Don Corneo's out-of-mall store) and McDoned's (a fast food burger joint inside Wal-Market).


Mallboro Community

     Mallboro is reserved for semi-in-character posts. This is the community players can have fun on. Players can write up third-person stories about their character(s), compile RPs with other players, submit pictures they've drawn, etc. This is also where a lot of Mallboro mini-games post logs of the events. Store Owners can also post a "Help Wanted" ad here to gain employees. All characters should join the community, though it is not required.


Mallboro News Community

     Mallboro News is reserved for news regarding the site. This includes news bulletins of world events that are used to keep things from becoming too stagnant at Mallboro. It is also used for new player announcements and hiatus announcements. All characters should join the community, though it is not required.


Mallboro Pub Community

     Mallboro Pub is an in-character bar where characters can go to speak freely, meaning that comments in the Pub are not typed by characters, but are instead verbal conversations. All characters should join the community, though it is not required.


Getting a Job

     The heart of this community is the mall. While there are many businesses in the cities, there is only one thriving business opportunity available to your characters, and that is at the mall: Mallboro. There are numerous businesses within this mall, all of which can be found in the Mall Directory. Here there are two types of stores: NPC Stores and Player Stores.

     NPC Stores are those managed by a non-played character. Unless that store is out of employee positions, your character can have a position at that store just by asking the moderator. NPC Stores are listed as being owned by NORG in the Mall Directory.

Note #1: Played characters can boot out unplayed characters for a job at an NPC Store.
Note #2: You cannot take a store manager's job, even if that person is an NPC.

     Player Store means that a played character owns/manages the store. Characters may create and manage their own store in the mall. These characters gain full responsibility toward their stores, so they are allowed to manage their employees as they see fit. This includes hiring and firing. You must contact the character's player in order to work at their store. Sometimes this can be done in-character by replying to a "Help Wanted" post in the Mallboro community. Check the Players section to see who plays the characters that may have their own stores.


Creating a Store

     Creating a store is your chance to have some real fun with the community and the characters. If you would like one of your characters to own a store, then send me the name of the store, what they sell, and what NPCs you'd like to work there until you hire PCs. From there, you can also create a "Now Hiring" post in Mallboro.

     To continue to expand the vision of your store, you can create a store logo and now, using a fun flash program, you can even create an in-store picture of your store. I recommend "Shopping Mall Maker" (toward the bottom). After creating your image, you can send me the image you created and I'll put it in the Mall Directory. If you cannot crop the image yourself, then take a Print Screen of your store, paste the image in MS Paint (or an equivalent program), save it as a jpg (please no 'bmp's), and send me the picture and I'll crop it and upload it for you.


City Life

     There are four different cities where people live, which you can read about on the Locations page. Your characters are free to choose their lifestyle and explore the different regions on the map. You can decide for yourself if your characters is wealthy or poor, what type of home they live in (house, apartment, box on the street, etc.).



     There are several mini-games I have added into the community to make the experience more fun. I can only write fairly basic programs, but I use them to simulate games that are played at the mall. These include Blitzball, The Arena, and Hunts. These are completely optional and tons of fun, so join in if you'd like. Check out the individual pages about these topics for more information.


Quitting Mallboro

     Like any community, you will be kicked out if you stop playing. If you can't play anymore or would like to take an extended hiatus, then please inform the community of your departure or hiatus by making a post on the site's forum or making an entry in Mallboro News.


Final Remarks

     Just so you know, your characters can all see each others' journals, so please comment on other journals. It makes things a lot more fun, so go for it. This is just a fun little game about all the Final Fantasy characters meeting up in some mall, so go nuts.

     If you don't want other characters to see a specific post, make a cut-tag specifying what character can see it such as "Sephiroth Only," which mean only Sephiroth can read that journal. If you'd like to pretend a journal entry is private-locked, put a cut-tag labeled "Private," which means nobody except the character writing the post can see it in the true journal/diary fashion. This way we can all still enjoy reading the post even if our characters cannot.

     I'm easy to talk to, so if you have any questions or anything, just ask me. I'm always open to suggestions for more fun in the community. Thank you for reading through the rules. Enjoy!